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the six most basic attitudes a manager makes employees happy

admin June 08, 2022

A good manager is loved by many employees not only because they always do every job well, direct the work well and pay high salaries to employees, but also because of their behavior towards the people under them.

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the six most basic attitudes a manager makes employees happyHere are the six most basic attitudes a manager should have:


Knowing how to take the time to listen to the opinions of employees is the easiest way to help you show concern and friendly relations between the boss and employees. It is also the best way to break down the barrier between superiors and subordinates.


Good managers are easy to talk to and discuss about all sorts of issues, even bad rumors about them. To help employees understand you well and not have any gossip behind your back, listening and talking frankly will bring high efficiency.

Usually, when faced with such a situation, you should ask the employee directly: “Where did you get that information? Why have I never heard of this before?” This is considered one of the most positive and wise responses of a talented manager.

Integrity and honesty:

If you want to lead a lot of employees, you need to put this feature first. Because for the people to be believe and listen to you always have to tell the truth and deal with people by talking right away.


A good manager is someone who knows how to make employees feel happy and comfortable when the work is overloaded. Use humor to create laughter, reduce stress and also create closeness between people.

Employee knowledge:

You should have the phone number or address of each employee so that you can be contacted when necessary. It could be when they have an unexpected break or their mood has recently affected work, you can contact to find out why. You need diplomacy, handling, and knowing what to say and when to help them feel better.

Understanding each other:

You should focus on a group rather than on individuals. Mutual understanding is making it possible for a group of unfamiliar individuals to talk and listen to each other.


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